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My story

Many thanks for dropping by. My name is Elena and I'm an artist and designer living in Dublin, Ireland. My story began in “the city of white nights”, my hometown St Petersburg, Russia. Here I grew up and studied icon and oil painting restoration in the Saint Petersburg Art School named after Nicholas Roerich and later graduated from the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts.

It was an intense and not always easy way to become who I am today. All the places I ever lived in or visited left something memorable in my soul. The harsh winters and beautiful Swedish summers taught me to love and appreciate our magnificent nature. The seriousness and thoughtfulness of Scandinavia, which has been my second home for many years, taught me to always keep going and look for logical and simple solutions. Maybe that's why I love so much minimalism, simplicity and clarity in art and design. But only Ireland became the biggest inspiration source to me, the country where I finally feel myself home and in a right place. All amazing people around me who are making my life meaningful and so colourful are the biggest inspiration source for me today. And of course, a unique and stunning Irish nature is always reflected in my creations.

A couple of years ago I discovered an amazing art medium - Polymer Clay, the possibilities of which are practically unlimited. Unique colours, shapes, tones and shades can be created and convey any texture. There is no limit for imagination. Together with my clients, we can always create something unique and different for any occasion and any emotion. Let’s make this journey together.