What we do

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Jewellery and gifts

Meaningful Handcrafted

Every piece we create together with a client tells a story. The combination of colours, lines and shapes can reflect everything – the feelings, the memories, maybe even the dreams. It takes time to find the best design and colour palette, but when we finally get the solution which meets the client’s needs it always results in a stylish and visually appealing piece of jewellery. Have a look and maybe we can create something together too.

Window & Door decorations

Reusable and Durable

These products are always customised and based on client’s windows sizes and shapes. Window decorations are produced from polypropylene corriboard of different colours. The using of this material make the decorations durable and reusable. You can easily to keep them in a box in your attic or shed. Contact us for more details.

Personalised items

Carefully Crafted

There are always different occasions when we want to have something unique and made especially for us. Wedding? Birthday party? Baby shower? Something else? We can always create personalised invitations, place cards, hair accessories and much more in different materials. Would you like to discover more about such products? Get in touch with us today.